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Join Us for Our Spring 2022 Co-op Bootcamp!
Come learn about what cooperatives are, why they are good for workers, the local economy, and community!

This is our first year running two programs: One in English and One in Spanish!

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Creating a New Economy in Springfield, MA

The Wellspring Cooperative is creating an engine for new, community-based, worker-owned companies in inner-city Springfield, Massachusetts based in part on the purchasing power of area anchor institutions — the colleges, universities, and hospitals — that purchase more than $1.5 billion worth of goods and services a year. We are committed to building an economy that supports our Springfield community to thrive both socially and economically.

Wellspring is part of the movement to build this new world. We embrace the vision of the solidarity economy, a global movement to transform our economic system of capitalism into one that is grounded in values of solidarity, democracy, equity in all dimensions (race, class, gender, etc.), sustainability, and pluralism (not a one-size-fits-all approach).

Wellspring’s focus on supporting co-op development in the Springfield region is an expression of our commitment to these values.


Our Co-ops


Wellspring Upholstery Cooperative

Employee owned and operated upholstery shop providing quality craftsmanship at competitive prices

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Wellspring Harvest

The first commercial hydroponic greenhouse in the City of Springfield bringing healthy, locally grown produce to area hospitals, schools, grocery stores, and residents

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Old Window Workshop

A women-owned window restoration cooperative that provides a less expensive and more environmentally friendly alternative to window replacement

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GreenLove Eco-cleaning

A women-owned, women-run cleaning company using non-toxic and environmentally safe cleaning products serving clients' homes, offices, and automobiles

More information coming soon. 


Jumping Jack Hoops Cooperative

Sells custom-made hula hoops and provides hula hoop classes and workshops at local parks and special events like birthdays

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