Wellspring Cooperative stands in solidarity with the uprisings for racial justice that have spring up in our communities, throughout our country, and indeed, the world.  Wellspring Cooperative stands in solidarity with the Black community--our employees, customers, and partners--in the fight against systemic racism and injustice.

We believe that Black Lives Matter, recognizing the Black people are, and have long been, the target of systemic racism and brutality to an unmatched extent, dating back to the beginnings of slavery.

It is time for deep rooted change. Wellspring supports the Movement for Black Lives and its demands to rechannel funding away from the militarization of communities and toward investing in communities at the forefront of struggle. This is not only just, but also sensible.

Institutionalized racism has disproportionately excluded people of color, and especially Black people, from access to jobs, which is core to Wellspring's mission, as well as fair housing, education, health care, healthy food, and other arenas. In building worker-owned cooperatives in underserved communities of color, our work is part of the larger struggle to build a more just, democratic, and sustainable world.