Wellspring Cooperative

Chronic Trips

Chronic Trips is both a consumer and worker cooperative that organizes outdoor events, excursions, and experiences that strengthen their mission to:

  • Promote environmental stewardship
  • Foster a sense of place
  • Build community

Their events are aimed at making nature accessible and central to community-building, inspiring people to enjoy, care for, and learn more about the environment. Since the co-op was founded in 2016, Chronic Trips has hosted numerous events such as frequent fishing tournaments and group wellness walks. They also lead tours such as hikes, kayak camping trips, and snowshoeing.











Chronic Trips' three worker-owners tabling at the Springfield Earth Day Celebration (left) and worker-owner, Seth, on a Chronic Trips outing with members (right).


Trips also sells all-natural bug spray and reef and river friendly soap to accompany you on your adventures so that you can enjoy and respect nature at the same time! 












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